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A powerful tool that people love

What does it feels like to collaborate with a developer that read 14+ million code sample?

I'm a growth hacker that doesn't know how to code. I use NaturalyCode as a "teacher" to explain the functions I used to copy-paste dumbly. It's fascinating how good the explanations can be.
Thomas Lucy - CEO at LeadWarm
Working on the code written by someone else is the most frustrating part of my job. This tool helps me to read and understand lines of code faster. Also, I spend less time reading boring documentation.
Fredrika Lindh - Freelance Developer
Makes policies and permissions in AWS easy to read. I get what a rule is doing in a click. Some answers lack precision, but overall it's impressive. Definitely a must-have for programmers and no-coders.
Louis Demeslay - CTO at Neats-Return

Get superpowers and read the code like Bill Gates

Reading and understanding the code is harder than writing it. Think about this uncommented function with bad naming... Copy-paste it in NaturalyCode and you will get simples sentences that explain what the code is doing.


Now, it's joyful to ask for explanations

Why is it so hard to ask for help? Because it's embarrassing. We feel dumb to ask questions. We all want to look smart in front of our collaborators. Forget that. You can ask for as much explanation as you want without feeling annoying. NaturalyCode will never judge you.


Make AWS policies great again

We got tired of using our brainpower to read uninteresting code... Specially AWS policies. Originally, that's why we built this tool. Transform boring policies into easy-to-read sentences. NaturalyCode can explain other types of policies. Contact us and share what you need, we will make it.


Discover 14+ languages

We all use translators to read foreign languages. Here is the best programming translator on the market. Decode AWS Policy, JavaScript, React, Python, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Go, C, Assembly, Rust and Haskell in a click. We can add many more, just ask for it.



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